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Articles tagged with: Home Lighting Control

FAQ: How to Set Scenes Using Lutron Lighting Control

Get More out of Your Smart Home Lighting

FAQ: How to Set Scenes Using Lutron Lighting Control

Smart home lighting is the cornerstone of many automation systems. Not only is it fundamental to the function of most of your rooms – especially at night – but it’s also a fun way to accentuate the style of your Houston, TX spaces. Plus, smart lighting can help you manage energy usage and enhance the security of your property. Among the easiest ways to get the most out of your system is by setting “scenes.” Here, we’ll show you how scenes work and how you can craft lighting arrangements that work for your home. Keep reading to find out more.

Is Home Lighting Control Right for You?

Start Slow or Go Big, the Choice is Yours

Is Home Lighting Control Right for You?

You’re here because you’re interested in home lighting control.

You might want to know how big of a commitment you need to make to lighting control to benefit from it. The answer is: You can try just a taste or go big and clean the plate. The choice is yours.

Start with one room and scale up to the whole house, if it suits you. Or, add lighting control to your whole home at once, and never get up to flip a switch again.

There are four big advantages to installing home lighting control in your Houston abode -  convenience, luxury, energy savings, and safety.  Let’s explore each a little further below.