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Articles tagged with: Professional Technology Installation

Home Network Installation: DIY or Professional Upgrade

How Do You Get the Best Performance from Your Network?

Home Network Installation: DIY or Professional Upgrade

We’ve all been here: the kids are on their smartphone Wi-Fi, your spouse is using their tablet, and you’re trying to stream the latest Netflix series. Then, everything slows down.

If that’s ever happened to you, you probably know it means its time for a home network installation upgrade.

And with the prevalence of DIY and wireless technology, you wouldn’t be crazy to think it’s just a weekend-afternoon project. But installing and upgrading a network can be more complicated than you expect.

So, should you go with a professional installation or can you do it yourself? This blog will explore the differences. Just keep reading for more.

Make Your Projects Smart from the Start with Savant Home Automation

The Best Time to Begin Working with an Integrator

Make Your Projects Smart from the Start with Savant Home Automation

Designing and building residential properties is tough enough, even before you get to installing technology items.

But from recessed lighting to custom home theaters, there’s plenty of overlap between integrators and local builders.

To serve your clients most effectively, it’s important to work with a technology partner you can trust.

In this blog, we’ll show you when and why you should start working with a Savant smart home automation installer.

Keep reading for more.