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Here’s Why Integrating Security Features Is a Bright Idea


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You probably already know wat a security system can do. Surveillance cameras capture the action. Alarm systems send out signals to neighbors and authorities. Those are fundamental functions of any high-end security system.

But a smart system operates differently. Not only does it do all the same things as a standard system, but each device can talk to the others to ensure even greater safety.

For instance, your surveillance cameras can integrate with your smart lighting to automatically brighten whenever a connected motion sensor detects movement. That way you flood the area with light and capture a well-lit image.

Moreover, your system can operate with a single touch. When you head out of the house, tapping the “away” setting will arm your alarm and integrated locks. But it will also prompt your smart home to start alternating lights and shade movement throughout each room, making the space look occupied.

After all, a home that seems occupied is far less likely to become a target.


Another key benefit of a smart integrated security system is that you can keep an eye on it from anywhere in the world.

You can stream real-time footage from your surveillance cameras directly to your smartphone and turn off alarms via the app.

For instance, if your outdoor motion sensors are triggered you’ll receive a push notification on your smartphone. From there, you can view the footage and determine if it requires emergency services. If not, just remotely reset the system to its dormant mode.

If there is an emergency, you can call the proper authorities yourself, or count on your smart system to do it for you. Either way, in the end, you’ll have a fully accessible library of footage.

Want to learn more about how a smart security system can benefit your property?

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