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A Smart Home Built for Efficiency

Work with a Savant dealer for an energy-efficient home automation system

A Smart Home Built for Efficiency

Houston, TX is one of the sunniest places in the country, so it only makes sense that you’d want to harness the natural environment to its full extent. That may mean creating a backyard landscape that allows you to enjoy the temperate weather, or enjoying the Texas sun thanks to big windows that bathe your interiors with natural light. Many homeowners will even use solar energy to power their smart home systems. If you’re looking at alternative energy sources and want to get the most out of your home automation technology, you can’t go wrong by working with a Savant dealer. How can you benefit? Keep reading to find out.


Savant Offers Smart Energy Management

Savant has remained at the forefront of smart energy management technology as part of integrated technology solutions. Their partnership with Racepoint Energy has produced exclusive microgrid technology, which allows dynamic control of a custom microgrid that’s compatible with any power source, whether it’s solar, grid, or backup power.

Racepoint microgrids allow you to stay running even when the local electrical utility is temporarily down, while also giving users dynamic control over which devices and or modes are most necessary for a functioning system. You can even let your system operate automatically based on conditional logic software.

If you’re trying to go green by switching to a renewable energy source, or you’re concerned with regulating your energy consumption, Savant can help you achieve your goals.

Energy Management for Light Control

One of the best places to start your energy management journey is with your lighting control system, and nobody knows that better than Savant. Their lighting and energy control modules will help you reduce energy consumption when partnered with fixtures from USAI Lighting, so you’ll have a system that operates efficiently while delivering modern convenience. As Savant CEO Bob Madonna said:

“These innovative energy modules create a valuable opportunity for integrators to deliver far more than conventional lighting control. Now there is a complete lighting and lighting control ecosystem available from Savant that includes shades and fixtures in partnership with USAI Lighting and a level of control capability and energy management unprecedented in the smart home market.”

Savant's partnership with USAI has also resulted in tunable lighting control fixtures so that you can bring the sunlight inside. With the new Daylight Mode, Savant offers circadian lighting that will help users feel better throughout the day by automatically adjusting the brightness and intensity of each fixture to mimic the changing light of the sun.

Not only will a Savant system help you lower your energy consumption, but it will also enhance the health and wellness of your entire household.

Want to get more out of your smart home automation system? Work with Echo Workshop, your local Savant dealer.

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