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Is Your Property Protected From Intruders?

How a Surveillance System Keeps You Safe

Is Your Property Protected From Intruders?

Did you know in Katy, TX 3,781 people out of 100,000 will be a victim of property crime? The good news is, that’s a relatively low number. But it’s not just luck -- homeowners have acted to protect themselves, their property, and their family.

Home security systems are essential to living a safe and productive life anywhere in the country, and they function the best when you install smart technology to help control it all. Among the most common security technologies is the surveillance system. Find out how you can benefit from one for your home below.


Preventing Crime

While it’s impossible to know just how many crimes don’t occur because of surveillance systems, studies have shown that properties with visible cameras installed are far less likely to be victimized.

The reason is simple: criminals target the easiest marks. If you have a system that lets them know you’re watching, they won’t want to approach.

But you don’t have to worry about big, ugly cameras cluttering up your exterior walls. Modern cameras are discreet and easy to hide. However, you may benefit from one visible camera or a sign that lets the world know you can see them.

After a Crime

The bad news is that crime happens. It can happen to anyone, even if they have a surveillance system. The good news is that a quality system can help catch the bad guys and act quickly and efficiently.

If your property is targeted, the police will look for any clues to find the culprit. An HD video recording is one of the best and easiest ways to gather all the essential information. Today’s smart security technology will help you find exactly what you or the police need. Footage is automatically tagged by date, time, and other factors to help you zero in on the exact moment a crime transpires.

Plus, your installer can provide ample storage that includes both onsite and cloud-based solutions. That will allow you to save hours of footage so you can gather all the evidence you need to help stop the perpetrator.

Comprehensive Control

Of course, a surveillance system is just one way to keep your property safe from intruders. You can also install a total home security system for even more protection. Alarms, sensors, electronic locks, video doorbells, and smart lighting can all help you stay safe from crime in your area.

And with a single smart system to use it all, you don't have to figure out each device. You can control everything from a single, intuitive interface. Review footage, stream in real-time, make adjustments to your system, let a friend in the front door and more without changing apps.

Want to learn more about smart surveillance technology and how we can help you secure your home? Click here.

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