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Storm Protection

Echo Workshop can assess your home or business and offer solutions designed to best protect you.

Storm Protection

It is hurricane season here in Texas.  That can mean lots of rain, and it can also mean lots of lightning strikes.  With technology becoming more prevalent in our homes, and with many of us owning tens-of-thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics, it only makes sense to protect it as best we can.  We know it can be difficult to spend money on something that you can’t see and doesn’t seem to immediately add value to our lives.  However, like the insurance we all carry, we quickly appreciate the value once it is needed and used. 

First of all, what is a power surge and where does it come from?  While lightning can be one source, there are many others such as defective wiring within your home, failing electronic equipment, power outages, grid issues, and electric noise.  Surges for any of these reasons can lead to complete shutdown and destruction of electronic equipment, data loss, and, of course, loss of your time and money.

So how do we protect our homes?  Surge suppression and surge elimination equipment are the best solutions for these worries.  While these terms sound very similar, and they do both work at limiting excess voltage, their effectiveness and the way they protect your home are very different. 

Surge suppression is the more basic protection of the two.  No, we are not talking about the power strips that most of us have around to extend power and provide extra outlets.  Proper surge suppression devices divert and/or diminish excessive current and voltage.  However, depending on the amount of voltage, surge suppression cannot always eliminate the threat to your electronics.  It’s also important to note that the individual electronic devices that you are trying to protect must be plugged directly into the surge suppressor. 

On the other hand, surge elimination is used to protect your whole home by diverting excess voltage into the ground before it reaches your electronic devices.  While surge elimination is more costly, it also protects things that are wired directly to your electrical panel such as your costly HVAC system, stoves, washers, dryers, etc.  This device is installed near your home’s electrical panel and offers protection for your entire home.  Since we experience frequent storms here in Texas, whole-home surge protection offers the greatest protection for all of your devices.

If you are concerned that your home and electronics are not properly protected, Echo Workshop can assess your home or business and offer solutions designed to best protect you.  Don’t wait until after the storm, when it’s too late to save your costly devices, to look into the best solution for you.

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