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Summer Security Checklist

Stay Safe This Season with a Home Surveillance System Upgrade and More

Summer Security Checklist

Now that the summer is here, you’re likely gearing up for a big family vacation. Whether you’re going around the corner or halfway across the world, you know that you’ll be having fun and spending quality time with your loved ones. But if you want to enjoy your time with peace of mind, you’ll need to know your property back in Houston, TX is safe. That means taking precautions and upgrading your home surveillance system. In this blog, we’ve got some smart, simple tips to help you complete your summer security checklist. Keep reading for more.


Clear the View

If you want your surveillance system to work correctly, you'll have to ensure the cameras have a clear view of your home. Make sure you trim hedges, remove spider-webs, and clear other obstructions that may impede visibility.

It's also an excellent time to check that your cameras are working correctly. If you don't want to rely on battery-powered IP solutions, consider upgrading your surveillance system with hardwired cameras. A hardwired system is more reliable, harder to hack, and offers better quality than IP surveillance.

Trim Branches

Make sure to trim back any tree branches that may make it easy to climb into your yard or windows. It’s a good idea to check for any overgrown foliage in and around your property. Most criminal activity happens when it's convenient. By removing easy-to-exploit elements like overgrown branches, your home becomes a much less appealing target.

Additionally, installing a surveillance system that’s easy to see from the street will help. According to the UNC School of Criminal Justice, 60 percent of criminals surveyed said they would re-think breaking into a home if they knew there were security features present.

Outdoor cameras offer high resolution, night vision, and are weather resistant. They often come with built-in heaters to combat extremely cold temperatures. They’re a perfect way to help deter crime before it occurs.

Prepare for Packages

Package deliveries left on your doorstep can also draw unwanted attention to your home. Ask a neighbor to pick them up or contact the post office to hold them until you return. That way you won’t have any valuables to worry about sitting outside your home.

For added protection, you can install sensors that will trigger your security cameras when necessary. If someone enters your yard or approaches your house, the sensors can communicate with your cameras, lighting, and more to keep an eye on the activity.

You can even receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet so you can stream the event live no matter where you are.

Want more great tips on how to keep your home safe this summer? Click here or give us a call at (713) 589-9222

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