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Articles tagged with: Smart Home

Our Homes Can Care for Us

Home Automation Can Help Your Home Care for You

Our Homes Can Care for Us

Our homes need constant attention to keep them looking their best and to keep the environment we live in healthy.  We clean, paint, landscape, and decorate.  The maintenance for most homes is fairly constant – if isn’t one thing, it’s another.  But have you ever thought about how your home can take care of you?  With technology and home automation, there are now many ways that our homes can do just that.

Wellness is an ongoing hot topic, and the technology industry is no different.  At Echo Workshop we offer air and water purification systems from Pure365 and Bluewater to help eliminate allergens and toxins.  Whether you’re looking for a single room or a whole-home solution, Echo Workshop has the technology to help keep you and your family healthy. 

Have you been feeling tired lately?  Perhaps you can’t sleep through the night.  Echo Workshop has partnered with companies like Savant Systems and Lutron Electronics to simulate your circadian rhythm.  We spend more and more time indoors and to keep our bodies and minds in balance, we not only crave the outdoors, but truly need it.  By simulating the sun’s natural path through automated lighting, many sleep issues can be eliminated, mood disorders improved, and, as an added benefit, people often find themselves with far more energy.   

I think most of us can admit that over the past couple of years we have learned that we like being at home, and our homes don’t just provide sanctuary, they can provide us with a lot of fun.  Have you been thinking about turning an extra room into a theater, or perhaps adding audio and video features outdoors?  Echo Workshop has the newest technology available from Samsung, Sony, Sonos, Revel, and Sonance, to take your family’s fun to the next level.

Home automation helps make our lives just a little easier.  With a smart home system that will monitor your security, improve your living environment, adjust shades, lights, and your thermostat, and allow you to enjoy whole-home audio and video, our homes truly can take care of us.  Let Echo Workshop help your home take care of you.

Enhance your Dining Experience with Speakers from Your Houston Sonance Dealer

Echo Workshop can help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Enhance your Dining Experience with Speakers from Your Houston Sonance Dealer

Like other homeowners, you might take pride in making your dining space comfortable for the family and their guests. This can be enhanced with simple decorating features solely based on your tastes and preferences. One of such designs involves having Sonance Invisible Speakers hidden in the distinct areas of your Houston dining space, rather than hanging conspicuously all over the walls. It is a great way to incorporate technology into your dining experience in a creative manner. 

With the help of the professional team at Echo Workshop, you can effectively design and install such speakers. Below are some of the ways that such technology refines your dining experience:

Your Dining Area Can Have Hidden Speakers

Instead of mounting speakers at the corners of the room, install invisible speakers on walls and ceilings. This is the best way to keep the speakers out of sight, yet lighten up the room with some enjoyable background music. You can choose to install hidden speakers in your dining space to upgrade your dining experience in any setting.

Interior designers can show you various ways to disguise the speakers and blend them with the walls in a way that does not compromise the sound quality. They can come up with multiple designs as well, so that you can choose one that you can be comfortable living with. Professional installers can then help to put up the speakers in a manner that maximizes their output and sound quality. This also includes using appropriate installation materials to ensure that the speakers remain fixed to the wall to lessen the chances of accidents or damage when they fall.  

Sonance Invisible Speakers allow you to appreciate the available space in your Houston home as they decongest the dining room, creating a fresh environment. When installing hidden speakers, it is advisable to deal with specialized personnel who have impeccable service delivery and can work to fulfill your custom requirements. 

Your Dining Area Can Have an Entertainment Function

You can make your dining room more functional by incorporating things like entertainment. You can achieve this by acquiring and installing the best speakers which have the best sound quality. You will enjoy the relaxing feeling that Sonance Invisible Speakers offer as you listen to magical music in your dining space with family and friends. This includes having some of your favorite tunes play in the background when you are hosting some friends to set up the mood or just avoiding a dull and gloomy mood during routine family mealtimes. 

If you want to install the speakers on your own, chances are that you could mess up their sound quality, which automatically lowers their entertainment value. However, the professionals at Echo Workshop can help you get it right. 

You Can Showcase Art, Not Speakers

If you are an art lover, you will understand the enriching feeling that comes with furnishing your home. Rather than hanging huge speakers in your dining space, you can showcase your art skills by having small peculiar speakers that blend with your house's interior decoration. Wall decor is one of the best ways to connect with yourself, as you can be as artistic as you want with what you put up. The more beautiful it is, the more relaxing it can be to look at and give you more comfort. Wall art also makes the dining room more vibrant and completes the space available, thereby creating a cozy environment.

Echo Workshop has a team of professionals ready to assist you with all your speaker design and installation needs. Our quality work will leave your home offering a superior dining experience for each person who uses the space. Contact us today or visit our Houston showroom to learn more about speaker installation. 

Let Your Houston Trufig Source Seamlessly Solve Your Bulky Design Problems

Cultivate a clean, modern look for your living room and kitchen.

Let Your Houston Trufig Source Seamlessly Solve Your Bulky Design Problems

Your home has beautiful design features that you should be able to enjoy and show off, but right now, there are chunky white power outlets getting all the attention instead. Imagine walls that can hide your electronics, camouflage your electrical outlets, and vent refreshing air, without any bulky eyesores. With the help of the Trufig seamless mounting system and your Houston Trufig dealer, your outlets, linear diffusers, and devices will blend right into your walls. You won't have to choose between function and design.

Explore the possibilities that are unlocked when you use Trufig's design solutions to disguise the bulky devices that power your home. 

Your Walls Can Camouflage Power Outlets

Your home has stunning stone countertops, gorgeous accent walls, and smooth marble surfaces. It's time to stop letting power outlets ruin carefully crafted designs. Trufig is like a chameleon that can change its skin color to hide in plain sight. Whatever pattern, design, color, material, or texture your wall has, your power outlets will now be able to replicate its surroundings and blend right into the wall. This design solution is also trimless and flush with the wall, so your power outlets won't stick out or stand out. Now, you can put invisible power outlets anywhere you need them, instead of having to worry about what they will look like in that location. You can now keep your living room and kitchen walls clean and clutter-free.

Your Walls Can Seamlessly Hide Your Electronics

Instead of mounting smart home devices on your wall, put the devices in your wall. Your lighting and smart home controls will be exactly where you need them, without ruining the aesthetic appeal of your space. Control your lights with the touch of a discrete button, and mount an iPad inside your wall for easy, yet unobtrusive, smart home control. The electrical components and wires will stay safely hidden inside your walls. Trufig's mounting system is compatible with many touch screen devices to fit your preferences.

Your Walls Can Keep You Cool

Stay cool and refreshed, without bulky vents and units. With Trufig's mounting technology, even your HVAC grilles and linear diffusers will be fully integrated in your home. The vents and grilles become so hidden that it's almost like your walls can breathe on their own. Imagine HVAC grilles and wall or ceiling linear diffusers that are flush with the wall, match their surroundings, and still function perfectly. Trufig's mounting system for linear diffusers offers a seamless transition between the air opening and wall or ceiling surface. This integrated system helps you breathe clean air, while also keeping your walls clean and streamlined.

Your Walls Can Play Music

If your walls could talk, they would tell great stories about your family and home. You also wouldn't have to look at bulky sound systems and tangled cords. With Trufig's integrated Sonance speaker system, your walls will do more than talk. They will play music. Relax on your couch while peaceful ambient music gently plays, or enjoy a get-together with friends and family with lively music in the background. Enjoy the benefits of background music, without having to look at the obtrusive speaker system that takes up space. Let the speakers blend into your walls with Trufig.

Your Houston Trufig Dealer Can Help

You don't have to compromise anymore. With Trufig's integrated mounting system and design solutions, you can enjoy your home with all of its features, without any bulky electrical outlets or devices.

At Echo Workshop, our team of trained custom electronics specialists provides seamless installation of seamless products. Please contact us to schedule a visit at our Houston showroom, learn more about Trufig products, or ask us any questions. We are here to help.

5 Reasons Why You Need Motorized Shades This Summer

Turn up the comfort and keep down utility costs with help from your Houston Lutron dealer.

5 Reasons Why You Need Motorized Shades This Summer

Smart home technology has become a part parcel of our every day in just about everything we do. Enter Lutron motorized shades; they not only have become the best solutions in the world of smart homes, but they also ensure convenience and safety and help lower your home's utility costs.

Long gone are the days when controlling your shades was a loud and glitchy affair. While every person has different needs and style preferences, it's worth considering Lutron motorized blinds or drapery as your window treatment option for the following reasons;

1. Energy Efficient

Although most home automation systems focus mainly on the convenience of smart technology, you can do more to reduce your overall carbon footprint and monthly energy bills with Lutron motorized shades. With a touch of a button, they can control the amount of sunlight coming into a room for a more energy-efficient surrounding.

Do you know that your AC works twice as hard to create a comfortable indoor climate during the summer's heat? You can create a weather-specific schedule such that your windows remain unobstructed when it's too hot, as your Lutron motorized shades or drapes draw to conserve the energy used for heating and cooling. By so doing, you reduce the amount of heat and temperature in your home while reducing the amount of energy your air conditioning will need to use to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Additionally, you can also create an eco-friendly and perfect ambiance by integrating your home's lighting and Lutron motorized shade system. The lights adjust accordingly to provide electricity, as will the shades when it's time to close at sunset.

2. Convenient and Easily Managed

Unlike non-motorized blinds that you have to manually operate, anyone can use a remote to open and shut Lutron motorized shades. Additionally, manual blinds and shades might be versatile and fit any window; however, the panels or slats are expensive to repair and replace once they are heavily damaged. 

Because Lutron motorized shades are not manually operated, plus they are made to fit your window perfectly, they do not get tangled up, thus creating a clean-looking space.

3. Quiet-motorized

The definition of motorized shades or drapery is a type of window treatment using a quiet motor either through centralized sets of controls, touch panels, or a smartphone and tablet app. Not only are the shades very quiet, but your Houston Lutron dealer may also incorporate external sensors that monitor the sun's position or temperature. Consequently, the shades automatically open or shut all the way at specific times to avoid direct sunlight glares while insulating your home.

4. Customized Styles and Design Fabrics

You can control natural lighting and have a well-lit space with a wide variety of stylish motorized shades and Lutron drapery to match your home's decor. They also come in different sizes, meaning if you have windows out of reach (for example, in a commercial building), you can contact Echo Workshop to custom-make drapery that will fit your specific need. 

5. The Best on the Market

Lutron is considered the most popular and cost-effective motorized sun-blocking and shading window treatment, with a wide variety of fabrics, materials, and design offerings that suit individual preferences. These quiet-motion, battery-powered shades work in perfect unison, thus eliminating unwanted wear and tear from overuse or entanglement.

In conclusion, advantages of having your home installed with energy-efficient motorized drapes include;

  • Customizable, therefore, can be easily integrated with most smart home systems to further automate your home's devices.
  • Readily available from a variety of shade types, hundreds of drapery fabric including textured materials as well as color options.
  • Unlike traditional shades that use cords, Lutron motorized shades and energy-efficient drapes can only be controlled using a smartphone app or remote control.

Installing motorized drapes or shades can make a great impact on your home or commercial building. Contact Echo Workshop today to learn more about how our smart home solutions can help you.