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Get the most out of your home automation system when you work with a Savant dealer. Integrate your technology with an easy-to-use system that works.

Upgrade and Automate Your Office Building With Help from Your Houston Savant Dealer

Systems integration can bring a new level of sophistication and control to your office.

Upgrade and Automate Your Office Building With Help from Your Houston Savant Dealer

With the unforeseen events of 2020, the modern office space temporarily shifted to home offices. Now, people are slowly saying goodbye to their improvised video conference backgrounds and are returning to office buildings. Although people may be tired of working at home with all of its distractions and unpredictability, some people may take more convincing to leave the comforts that their homes offer. 

With the help of your Houston Savant dealer, you can wow your employees with an upgraded and automated office building that will make their Alexas and Google Homes jealous. They will rush to come back into the office when they hear of all of its new features. Here are several ways that your office building will benefit from the Savant integration system.

More Comfortable Office Environment

While your office is hard at work, Savant Multistat is working just as hard to make sure your space remains perfectly comfortable. Your office will become much more welcoming with Savant's climate control system. It monitors and corrects the temperature to accommodate for humidity, outdoor temperature changes, or even the changing seasons. No more uncomfortable sweating while wearing a suit or the annoying guesswork of trying to get the temperature just right. 

Savant can also control the shades on the windows to eliminate unwanted glare or shadows during the workday. Your Savant system will also be more efficient and can save you money by turning off lights and other equipment when not in use. When your employees do not have to think about the temperature of the office, the sun getting in their eyes, or other annoying office inconveniences, they will be more productive, focused, and happy. A more comfortable office is a more productive office. 

Improved Audio and Video Capabilities

Imagine it is time for an employee to give a big presentation. Instead of wasting time setting up the projector, telling someone to dim the lights, and fixing the sound equipment, what if your Savant system did all of that for you? No more inefficient presentations with outdated technology. With the Savant automated system, dim the lights from your chair by touching your phone screen. Connect to any device for professional sound quality that is easy to control. Get impressive sound and video for all presentations, conferences, and calls. Work quality and attitude will improve with the help of improved audio and video technology. 

Upgraded Office Security

Everyone feels more comfortable working in a secure office, and you will feel reassured knowing that security is now made easy with the Savant system. You can now easily monitor all entry points of the office building through the Savant Entry Service. You can "answer the door" through your phone first before letting an unexpected visitor come in. When it comes to office security, peace of mind goes a long way in the overall atmosphere of the office. This security system is easy to use for you, comforting for employees, and a strong line of defense against any potential threats. 

Impressive Possibilities

With the ability to control lighting, window shades, climate, audio, video, and security all through simple and elegant devices, the possibilities are really endless. Your employees will feel inspired by the options that an automated office provides. From upgraded video presentations with professional sound systems to impressive event hosting with easy-to-control lighting that sets the mood, the potential of an automation system this sophisticated is overwhelming. The Savant system is the perfect boost to morale and "welcome back" that every office worker needs right now. 

Echo Workshop is your Houston Savant dealer who is here to help upgrade your office building. Please contact us to install the Savant systems integration in your office or commercial space. We will help you become the Savant of your office building.

A Smart Home Built for Efficiency

Work with a Savant dealer for an energy-efficient home automation system

A Smart Home Built for Efficiency

Houston, TX is one of the sunniest places in the country, so it only makes sense that you’d want to harness the natural environment to its full extent. That may mean creating a backyard landscape that allows you to enjoy the temperate weather, or enjoying the Texas sun thanks to big windows that bathe your interiors with natural light. Many homeowners will even use solar energy to power their smart home systems. If you’re looking at alternative energy sources and want to get the most out of your home automation technology, you can’t go wrong by working with a Savant dealer. How can you benefit? Keep reading to find out.