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We specialize in collaborating with local builders, architects designers, and more. Echo Workshop is your local smart home company and technology installation partner.

Let Your Houston Trufig Source Seamlessly Solve Your Bulky Design Problems

Cultivate a clean, modern look for your living room and kitchen.

Let Your Houston Trufig Source Seamlessly Solve Your Bulky Design Problems

Your home has beautiful design features that you should be able to enjoy and show off, but right now, there are chunky white power outlets getting all the attention instead. Imagine walls that can hide your electronics, camouflage your electrical outlets, and vent refreshing air, without any bulky eyesores. With the help of the Trufig seamless mounting system and your Houston Trufig dealer, your outlets, linear diffusers, and devices will blend right into your walls. You won't have to choose between function and design.

Explore the possibilities that are unlocked when you use Trufig's design solutions to disguise the bulky devices that power your home. 

Your Walls Can Camouflage Power Outlets

Your home has stunning stone countertops, gorgeous accent walls, and smooth marble surfaces. It's time to stop letting power outlets ruin carefully crafted designs. Trufig is like a chameleon that can change its skin color to hide in plain sight. Whatever pattern, design, color, material, or texture your wall has, your power outlets will now be able to replicate its surroundings and blend right into the wall. This design solution is also trimless and flush with the wall, so your power outlets won't stick out or stand out. Now, you can put invisible power outlets anywhere you need them, instead of having to worry about what they will look like in that location. You can now keep your living room and kitchen walls clean and clutter-free.

Your Walls Can Seamlessly Hide Your Electronics

Instead of mounting smart home devices on your wall, put the devices in your wall. Your lighting and smart home controls will be exactly where you need them, without ruining the aesthetic appeal of your space. Control your lights with the touch of a discrete button, and mount an iPad inside your wall for easy, yet unobtrusive, smart home control. The electrical components and wires will stay safely hidden inside your walls. Trufig's mounting system is compatible with many touch screen devices to fit your preferences.

Your Walls Can Keep You Cool

Stay cool and refreshed, without bulky vents and units. With Trufig's mounting technology, even your HVAC grilles and linear diffusers will be fully integrated in your home. The vents and grilles become so hidden that it's almost like your walls can breathe on their own. Imagine HVAC grilles and wall or ceiling linear diffusers that are flush with the wall, match their surroundings, and still function perfectly. Trufig's mounting system for linear diffusers offers a seamless transition between the air opening and wall or ceiling surface. This integrated system helps you breathe clean air, while also keeping your walls clean and streamlined.

Your Walls Can Play Music

If your walls could talk, they would tell great stories about your family and home. You also wouldn't have to look at bulky sound systems and tangled cords. With Trufig's integrated Sonance speaker system, your walls will do more than talk. They will play music. Relax on your couch while peaceful ambient music gently plays, or enjoy a get-together with friends and family with lively music in the background. Enjoy the benefits of background music, without having to look at the obtrusive speaker system that takes up space. Let the speakers blend into your walls with Trufig.

Your Houston Trufig Dealer Can Help

You don't have to compromise anymore. With Trufig's integrated mounting system and design solutions, you can enjoy your home with all of its features, without any bulky electrical outlets or devices.

At Echo Workshop, our team of trained custom electronics specialists provides seamless installation of seamless products. Please contact us to schedule a visit at our Houston showroom, learn more about Trufig products, or ask us any questions. We are here to help.

Protect Your Devices This Hurricane Season with Surge Suppression

Be proactive about keeping your home and business safe.

 Protect Your Devices This Hurricane Season with Surge Suppression

Families and businesses are still in the process of rebuilding in Southeast Texas and Louisiana from the devastating hurricane season last year. New homes and businesses are looking for protective solutions before the beginning of the next season in June. When it comes to keeping your Houston home or office safe, it pays to pay attention to energy efficiency and surge suppression. So, Echo Workshop has tips to prevent damages from energy surges.  

What Is an Energy Surge?

Any major storm has the potential to cause damage to buildings, electrical relays, and cable lines. Pole-based lines are the most susceptible to damages caused by major weather, like the 2020 hurricanes. When the electrical wires are damaged, a buildup of power, or a surge, is created and released into the neighboring connected homes and businesses. This can damage any appliances or electronics that remain connected to the energy grid.

Houston experienced a large energy surge with the landfall of Hurricane Laura in August 2020. More than 113 thousand homes and businesses in Southeast Texas were without power. In the days that followed, energy began being restored. This created a new danger for those electronics and equipment still connected to the grid: the surge back to power. As lines were repaired and re-energized, it created an inward surge that continued to have the potential to damage electronics that had not been disconnected.

All this being said, it’s important to note that most surges actually come from within our own homes, not from storms. You can read a detailed explanation about this from our owner here

What Does a Power Surge Do?

Everything from alarm clocks to high-tech computers that are connected to a wall socket has a form of a power converter in it. With the influx of too much power, the tiny transistors and capacitors are unable to handle the load. In essence, it floods the system and burns out the device's ability to transfer power from the electrical grid into the device itself. Devices that are charging when a power surge occurs have a greater risk of exploding the battery, as they can not hold enough power.

What to Do in Inclement Weather

Major storms caused most of the damage that created the energy surges in August 2020. However, all storms have the potential to damage systems. It is not only the storm creating electrical surges that can damage equipment either, but water damage can also occur from flooding and downed trees on homes. How do you protect your important electronics from storms?

To prevent damage from surges, you may read the well-intentioned advice to unplug your devices. However, Echo Workshop does not recommend this to our customers. There are a lot of interconnected systems in what we do and unplugging something can cause a failure in other items. It is safer, and much more effective, to be proactive and include proper surge suppression and surge elimination solutions within your system. This way, you are not running around trying to unplug everything as a storm approaches, and you can ensure that your systems remain properly installed. 

For minor surges, point-of-use surge protectors are available in stores to help reduce the effect of surges on equipment plugged into them. Not all surge protectors are created equal and are easily confused with power strips that only add extra outlets. The packaging on surge protectors shows how many joules the strip will be able to handle on an incoming surge. If it goes higher than the max, the protector will no longer be of use. Check the lights and replace surge protectors regularly to get maximum protection from the devices.

No matter the reason for the power surge, there are ways to prevent damage to your devices. For proper surge suppression, the cost of protecting your equipment is usually less than the repair or replacement of the devices. Let Echo Workshop work with you to set you up with the best and smartest system to protect your home and business.


Custom Furniture Designed Specifically for You from Your Houston Salamander Dealer

A/V furniture is perfect for keeping all those wires for your tech hidden and organized.

Custom Furniture Designed Specifically for You from Your Houston Salamander Dealer

Custom furniture is designed with your every need and wish in mind, not someone else's. With modular furniture, you can seamlessly integrate technology into your home, without any eyesores or bulk. Imagine an A/V cabinet that hides all of your TV wires and fits beautifully into your entertainment space or comfortable home theater seating in the exact layout that you wanted. Your Houston Salamander dealer can transform your home with custom furniture solutions designed specifically for you.

Entertainment, Without the Wires

Flying looks a lot more impressive if you can't see the wires. When you walk into your living room, you shouldn't be able to see all the wires and electronics that make your technology work. You should be fully immersed in the impressive, exciting, and comfortable entertainment space, with no bulky wires or electronics on display. With custom furniture, you can maintain the illusion of full technological integration.

Imagine a state-of-the-art, fully customizable credenza that is specifically designed to seamlessly store and hide all the cords and electronics for your TV. Salamander A/V furniture not only hides the electronics but also protects and integrates them into your space. These sleek modular cabinets offer cable management, a cooling system to protect your electronics, and can even integrate an impressive sound system right into the cabinet. The vented cabinet's built-in cooling system keeps your electronics from overheating.

Now, you can shrink down the capabilities of an entire movie theater to fit inside a sleek A/V cabinet that integrates effortlessly into your home. 

Custom, Not "One Size Fits All"

Every room in your home should feel like it was designed specifically for you and your family. Your style, your preferences, and your wants and needs should all be reflected in your home. Furniture sets the tone for the entire space, so you need to be able to customize it. With custom furniture, you don't have to compromise.

You can customize your A/V cabinet to perfectly fit into the design of your home. Change the size, shape, layout, finish, color, material, and much more so that the furniture will blend harmoniously into your home. With custom furniture, your specific requests can turn into reality because of the modular design of Salamander furniture. This furniture works with you so that you don't have to settle. 

Your home theater should feel like home. Do you want your theater chairs in a sectional layout with reclining features in rich black leather? Or would a loveseat and single chairs with storage ottomans better fit your needs?  From material to layout, with custom seating, you can easily have all of your requirements met. 

Streamlined Solutions, For Your Home and Office

Salamander vented cabinets and customized seating provide elegant solutions all over your home. It will feel like your home but even better. Unwind in an ergonomically designed theater chair with wireless reclining and built-in cup holders from the comfort of your home. Entertain your family or guests without the distractions of cables or bulky equipment. Streamlined, customized, and modern.

You can also update your office space with Salamander's clever furniture solutions. Use their professional audio racks and modular electronics stands to update your office's technological capabilities. Your presentations can now have impressive audio and visuals that will enhance your hard work. With sleek TV mounts and cable management cabinets, your office will blend beautifully with modern technology. 

Your Houston Salamander Dealer Has the Answers

Echo Workshop is a Salamander dealer that delivers solutions, like custom theater seating or A/V cabinets, to Houston. Your home is not one-size-fits-all, so we will work with you to find solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Please contact us to learn more about how we can design and install custom Salamander furniture in your home or office. 

Purify for a Fresh Start in 2021

Stay healthy in the new year with pure air and water from Pure 365.

Purify for a Fresh Start in 2021

If there is one valuable lesson to learn from 2020, it is that our overall health, including the air we breathe, can make the difference between experiencing wellness and vitality or potential illness. This is why we are dedicating ourselves to providing the most outstanding air and water purification system available to our valuable clients. At Echo Workshop, we believe the Pure 365 Air & Water Purification System delivers the highest level of water and air purification processes available on the market today.

A Fresh Start

We commend those who make a New Year's resolution to improve their overall health. Committing to a health and wellness program is one of the most important measures a person can take to ensure they will remain active and vibrant for themselves, their family, and their employment. 

Pure Air — Of course, one of the most important lessons of 2020 that everyone learned, is that the quality of the air we breathe is of critical importance. Breathing clean and healthy air provides a number of benefits, including avoiding potential illness. It also reduces the load of dust, chemicals, and other allergens and irritants we would normally breathe in from unpurified air. This is especially important for asthmatics, as well as those who are sensitive to chemicals and/or have a dust allergy.

Pure Water — Part of maintaining good health means drinking plenty of clean, pure water. Keeping nasal, respiratory, and other vital tissues well-hydrated means our body will be better able to fight illness. When a person has access to pure, good-tasting water they tend to drink more of it. In turn, this will help prevent them from becoming dehydrated, which is a well-known detractor when faced with germs that can cause illness.

Benefits of a Purification System

A whole-home purification system is great for improving the overall quality of the air and water throughout the home, including key areas such as a home gym, a yoga room, or a meditation room. Family members will also enjoy improved sleep, as they breathe in purified air that is free of allergens such as dust mites, chemicals, and other irritants. 

Commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, and other spaces where people congregate and need access to clean water and fresh air are all ideal locations for installing an air and water purification system. A purification system will allow inhabitants of these areas to maintain optimal levels of energy, health, and productivity.

Why Pure 365? 

Echo Workshop is committed to Houston health and wellness, which is why we are a proud Pure 365 Houston dealer. A Pure 365 system goes beyond simple purification and offers a complete package that includes the education, monitoring, and control of a building's air and water quality.

Purify — A premiere Pure 365 configuration provides a state-of-the-art hardware and software system. The hardware itself is designed to trap and eliminate 99% of volatile organic compounds, along with other potentially harmful microorganisms and ultrafine particles.

Monitor — The app that comes with a Pure 365 system allows inhabitants to compare their indoor air quality to the air quality outside and lets them know when their outdoor air is safe enough to open windows for ventilation.  

Control — The Pure 365 app can identify issues negatively impacting indoor air and water quality, so they can be addressed. The app can also help plan outdoor activities and travel by tracking air quality levels around the world.

 Education — Pure 365's app also provides useful information about pollutants and the harm they can cause, so interested parties can become more proactive about protecting the health and safety of their family and/or their clients.  


A New Year's health and wellness resolution for 2021 begins with a commitment to safe and clean air and water, whether at home or at work. Contact us today to learn more.