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3 Reasons Your Project Needs A Smart Lighting Control System

Appeal to potential customers with smart lighting that improves their health and saves them money

3 Reasons Your Project Needs A Smart Lighting Control System

Your customers are spending more time in their homes than ever. While social distancing protects them from the pandemic, spending most of their time indoors can hurt their health. Create a unique selling point for potential buyers with a fully integrated circadian lighting system to boost their wellbeing. EW partners with Lutron and Vantage to craft custom solutions for your clients. Read our latest blog to learn three reasons that you could use Vantage or Lutron lighting control in your next Houston, TX project.


Improve Physical Health

Research shows that the average person spends 85% to 95% of their time indoors, which is unhealthy. Circadian lighting has a positive impact on physical health. Our sleep patterns are heavily dependent on natural light. LED lighting mimics the sun's patterns to assist in the release of melatonin and dopamine to make people tired at night while suppressing these hormones and releasing cortisol to keep them awake during the day. A healthy circadian rhythm will improve their immune system and metabolic function.

Improve Mental Health

The health benefits of circadian lighting are not just limited to physical advantages. Lighting control has a positive effect on your mental health. Your customers will be able to adjust their lighting to invoke a particular mental state.

For example, cooler light that mimics sunlight in the morning will increases their productivity and alertness. Warmer, dimmed lighting will help them to wind down after a long day. Studies have also shown that circadian lighting can decrease depression instances caused by spending extended periods indoors. Attract potential customers with a home that will both house them and improve their health.

Save Money and Energy

Lighting control will save your customers money by reducing energy costs. LED lighting reduces energy consumption by 85% and extends the life of their light bulbs so that they will spend less replacing bulbs. Lighting control also offers the option to dim their lighting, decreasing energy usage from 4% to 9% even when used at the highest setting. Homeowners can also schedule their lights to turn off when not in use, which further decreases energy consumption. Your customers will see the appeal of a home that offers a high return on investment.

Are you interested in a lighting control system for your Houston, TX projects? Echo Workshop will help you set up an automated control system that homeowners can control from a single centralized device.

They’ll enjoy one-click control of not just lighting, but also motorized shades, smart thermostats, and audio-video systems. To learn more, click here, or start chatting with a live representative today by clicking the “Let’s Talk!” button at the bottom of your screen.

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