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Articles tagged with: Séura

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Your Houston Seura dealer has smart mirrors that will make you glow.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can now do much more than just show you your reflection. Now, mirrors can come with their own custom, built-in lighting that makes your reflection look professionally retouched. Mirrors can now also turn into TVs with the click of a button. You can now watch TV while brushing your teeth without needing a separate TV screen in your bathroom. You can turn your bathroom into a luxury spa with the help of your Houston Seura dealer. 

Seura Mirrors Make You Glow

You deserve a "mirror mirror on the wall" that makes you feel like the fairest of them all. You deserve to have professional quality lighting built right into your mirror so that you truly glow. You know the difference between a high-quality mirror and a bad one. You know that boost of confidence you feel when you see your reflection in a luxury hotel mirror, versus the frustration you feel when a bad mirror casts annoying shadows and doesn't light your face properly. With Seura lighted mirrors, you can turn your home bathroom into your private spa. No more squinting your eyes while you put on your make-up, or needing to find better lighting while you are busy with intricate tweezing work. Seura lighted mirrors have seamlessly built-in LEDs that offer unparalleled brightness. You will feel like a model at a professional shoot for a beauty ad campaign. You should enjoy your time in front of the mirror every day instead of feeling like it is another chore. Seura mirrors reflect your true beauty and make your skincare and make-up application effortless. These lighted mirrors can also be customized to match your personal style, so you can finally have your dream beauty salon right in your own home.

Seura mirrors are just as useful for men. Think of how easy shaving is when the mirror is also a light source. You will appreciate how Seura lighted mirrors transform any bathroom into a luxury space. You can also multitask in the morning with a built-in TV screen in your Seura TV mirror.

Enhance Your Workout Studio

A TV mirror will take your Houston at-home gym to the next level. From the comfort of your home gym, you can stream videos of your personal trainer, yoga teacher, ballet instructor, or coach to your TV mirror. With your reflection and your video screen conveniently in one place, you will perfect your form in each exercise and yoga pose. You will be able to compare your positioning directly to your instructor's. Think of how much farther you'll stretch, how many more sets you will do, and how much better your form will look when you have your workout videos right next to your reflection in the mirror. 

You can also watch TV from your built-in screen to keep you entertained during a grueling cycling session, or play a relaxing video during a yoga routine. If you don't want any distractions, just switch the TV off, and the screen will disappear.

Seura's lighted mirrors also look beautiful in-home workout studios. The elegant etched designs illuminate your studio, inspiring productivity and movement. It will remind you of a beautiful ballet studio or celebrity gym with glowing mirrors. 

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

The mothers in your life deserve a present that is as beautiful as they are. Impress your wife, mom, or any other important mother in your life by giving them a gift that literally reflects their own beauty. Seura mirrors are a "thank you" note to each mother who does so much for other people that she forgets to take time to herself. These custom lighted mirrors will help her feel like she can finally enjoy a moment to herself as she gets ready each morning or winds down at night. A gift like this will show her how much you appreciate all that she does. It will also show her that you care about her time to herself. Seura lighted mirrors make every bathroom look better, and they make every woman feel better when they see their glowing reflection. When shopping for Mother's Day this year (heads up—it's May 9th), consider what her smile would look like when she sees her new mirror and her glowing reflection.

AtEcho Workshop, your Houston Seura dealer, we have all the Seura lit, TV, and smart mirrors that you are looking for.Contact us if you are interested in upgrading your home's mirrors or learning more about these high-end mirror's exciting features

Outdoor TVs for the Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

Have a great staycation with help from your Houston Seura Dealer.

Outdoor TVs for the Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

This year, you don't need a travel agent. Instead, it is your Houston Seura dealer that holds the ticket to your perfect spring break. With the help of Echo Workshop's outdoor solutions and the Seura outdoor TV, you can transform your backyard into a staycation destination. Your backyard will become a five-star hotel, all-inclusive resort, movie theater, live concert hall, and much more. 

Although vacations are a great getaway, the planning process can be stressful. Booking plane tickets, finding the right hotel, and planning excursions can be tedious and expensive. This year, your spring break vacation can have the same getaway feel without all the planning and booking. You definitely deserve a great vacation, but this year you can enjoy the same pleasures from the comfort of your backyard. If you embrace the staycation idea, all you have to do is step into your backyard and turn on your new Seura outdoor TV.

Features of the Seura Outdoor TV 

A Seura outdoor TV is not just a normal TV that you put outside. It is designed specifically for outdoor entertainment. Just like hearing about a hotel's amenities, let's explore what makes the Seura outdoor TV the right outdoor entertainment source for you:

Best Picture Quality

When picking a beach to go to, you want to choose the one that looks the prettiest. When choosing an outdoor TV, you also want to choose the one that looks the prettiest. The Seura outdoor TV has the best picture quality. When you are on a beach, it is hard to see your phone screen because the sun creates glare that your phone's brightness cannot compensate for. The Seura outdoor TV is designed to be bright enough to prevent that annoying screen glare. With vivid 4K UHD and HDR technology, whatever is on your screen will look like an extension of your backyard because it is that life-like. 

Large and Sleek Design

Part of the appeal of a vacation is being able to see an impressive and beautiful new landscape. Your new TV will be your staycation's impressive feature that everyone wants to take pictures of. Your new screen can span all the way up to 86 inches, with a soundbar the same length, for a sleek and seamless design.


No one likes rain or wind on their vacation, especially if the weather causes cancellations of outdoor activities. This year, your outdoor activities don't have to be canceled. With an outdoor TV that is designed to be weatherproof, you can carry on with your staycation adventures, no matter what the weather is. This TV has built-in thermal controls and can withstand dust and water ingress, so you don't have to cancel any staycation activities. 

Best Sound Solutions

An outdoor TV has to project powerful audio to fully immerse your backyard in the staycation experience. The Seura outdoor TV has a front-facing soundbar that will deliver high-quality sound to your whole backyard.

How to Use Your Seura Outdoor TV for the Best Staycation

When planning your unique staycation, consider what types of events you would have booked if you were on a vacation somewhere other than your house. For example, if you love to go to live events, you can use your outdoor TV to create a similar experience at home. Here are a few destinations you can transform your backyard into for new excursions each day and night during your spring break staycation:

Movie Theater

What's better than a movie theater? A personal movie theater. Unlike at a regular movie theater, you get to be in charge of the remote at your personal outdoor theater. You can pick the movie, pause it when you need to refill drinks and popcorn, and control the volume to fit your preferences. Also, the Seura outdoor TV can compete with the picture and sound quality of an actual movie theater. Plan a movie night during your staycation for an intimate and custom movie experience.

Live Concert Arena

If you want to sing, dance, or feel the rush of live concerts again, you can turn your backyard into a concert with your new TV. Find your favorite band's concert videos or choose your dream concert setlist that can play through your new outdoor TV. With the Seura TV's impressive sound system, you will feel like your backyard is a private concert. 


Is a relaxation staycation more your style? Your staycation can include a peaceful spa day with the help of your TV. While you unwind with backyard yoga, a massage, or just relaxing on a lounge chair, play relaxing music and videos on your outdoor TV for an immersive spa experience.

"Book" Your Staycation

Since spring break is fast approaching, it is time to "book" your staycation experience by consulting your Houston Seura dealer.Echo Workshop is here to help.Contact us today to order a Seura outdoor TV for the best spring break staycation.

Enhance Your Smart Home Automation Experience With a Display Mirror

Simplify your morning routine with interactive controls

Enhance Your Smart Home Automation Experience With a Display Mirror

Smart home automation does so much to enhance your Houston, TX lifestyle. It simplifies your day-to-day activities, protects your property, and makes your home more beautiful with the touch of a button. But did you know that it can also help you streamline your morning routine? You might be surprised to learn that one of the most powerful and convenient home control tools is, in fact, a mirror.

Whether you spend your time in the bathroom or your home gym, you can maintain full control of your automation system with a smart display mirror from Séura. What can it do for you? Keep reading to find out.