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Our Homes Can Care for Us

Home Automation Can Help Your Home Care for You

Our Homes Can Care for Us

Our homes need constant attention to keep them looking their best and to keep the environment we live in healthy.  We clean, paint, landscape, and decorate.  The maintenance for most homes is fairly constant – if isn’t one thing, it’s another.  But have you ever thought about how your home can take care of you?  With technology and home automation, there are now many ways that our homes can do just that.

Wellness is an ongoing hot topic, and the technology industry is no different.  At Echo Workshop we offer air and water purification systems from Pure365 and Bluewater to help eliminate allergens and toxins.  Whether you’re looking for a single room or a whole-home solution, Echo Workshop has the technology to help keep you and your family healthy. 

Have you been feeling tired lately?  Perhaps you can’t sleep through the night.  Echo Workshop has partnered with companies like Savant Systems and Lutron Electronics to simulate your circadian rhythm.  We spend more and more time indoors and to keep our bodies and minds in balance, we not only crave the outdoors, but truly need it.  By simulating the sun’s natural path through automated lighting, many sleep issues can be eliminated, mood disorders improved, and, as an added benefit, people often find themselves with far more energy.   

I think most of us can admit that over the past couple of years we have learned that we like being at home, and our homes don’t just provide sanctuary, they can provide us with a lot of fun.  Have you been thinking about turning an extra room into a theater, or perhaps adding audio and video features outdoors?  Echo Workshop has the newest technology available from Samsung, Sony, Sonos, Revel, and Sonance, to take your family’s fun to the next level.

Home automation helps make our lives just a little easier.  With a smart home system that will monitor your security, improve your living environment, adjust shades, lights, and your thermostat, and allow you to enjoy whole-home audio and video, our homes truly can take care of us.  Let Echo Workshop help your home take care of you.

Upgrade and Automate Your Office Building With Help from Your Houston Savant Dealer

Systems integration can bring a new level of sophistication and control to your office.

Upgrade and Automate Your Office Building With Help from Your Houston Savant Dealer

With the unforeseen events of 2020, the modern office space temporarily shifted to home offices. Now, people are slowly saying goodbye to their improvised video conference backgrounds and are returning to office buildings. Although people may be tired of working at home with all of its distractions and unpredictability, some people may take more convincing to leave the comforts that their homes offer. 

With the help of your Houston Savant dealer, you can wow your employees with an upgraded and automated office building that will make their Alexas and Google Homes jealous. They will rush to come back into the office when they hear of all of its new features. Here are several ways that your office building will benefit from the Savant integration system.

More Comfortable Office Environment

While your office is hard at work, Savant Multistat is working just as hard to make sure your space remains perfectly comfortable. Your office will become much more welcoming with Savant's climate control system. It monitors and corrects the temperature to accommodate for humidity, outdoor temperature changes, or even the changing seasons. No more uncomfortable sweating while wearing a suit or the annoying guesswork of trying to get the temperature just right. 

Savant can also control the shades on the windows to eliminate unwanted glare or shadows during the workday. Your Savant system will also be more efficient and can save you money by turning off lights and other equipment when not in use. When your employees do not have to think about the temperature of the office, the sun getting in their eyes, or other annoying office inconveniences, they will be more productive, focused, and happy. A more comfortable office is a more productive office. 

Improved Audio and Video Capabilities

Imagine it is time for an employee to give a big presentation. Instead of wasting time setting up the projector, telling someone to dim the lights, and fixing the sound equipment, what if your Savant system did all of that for you? No more inefficient presentations with outdated technology. With the Savant automated system, dim the lights from your chair by touching your phone screen. Connect to any device for professional sound quality that is easy to control. Get impressive sound and video for all presentations, conferences, and calls. Work quality and attitude will improve with the help of improved audio and video technology. 

Upgraded Office Security

Everyone feels more comfortable working in a secure office, and you will feel reassured knowing that security is now made easy with the Savant system. You can now easily monitor all entry points of the office building through the Savant Entry Service. You can "answer the door" through your phone first before letting an unexpected visitor come in. When it comes to office security, peace of mind goes a long way in the overall atmosphere of the office. This security system is easy to use for you, comforting for employees, and a strong line of defense against any potential threats. 

Impressive Possibilities

With the ability to control lighting, window shades, climate, audio, video, and security all through simple and elegant devices, the possibilities are really endless. Your employees will feel inspired by the options that an automated office provides. From upgraded video presentations with professional sound systems to impressive event hosting with easy-to-control lighting that sets the mood, the potential of an automation system this sophisticated is overwhelming. The Savant system is the perfect boost to morale and "welcome back" that every office worker needs right now. 

Echo Workshop is your Houston Savant dealer who is here to help upgrade your office building. Please contact us to install the Savant systems integration in your office or commercial space. We will help you become the Savant of your office building.

Three Ways Home Automation Can Facilitate Aging in Place

Home automation can help you and your loved ones stay safe and comfortable.

Three Ways Home Automation Can Facilitate Aging in Place

You and your loved ones have built houses and made them homes. As people age, they are likely to expect to remain in these homes as able. According to a 2018 study conducted by AARP, more than 75% of Americans hope to remain in their homes for as long as possible, even if that means that they might require outside assistance. But "outside assistance" does not necessarily have to mean in-home care. In fact, home automation — equipping your home with smart technology that can be accessed via web apps inside or outside the home — can be a great resource for helping seniors age in place. 

Read on to discover three key ways that home automation can be beneficial for you and your loved ones who have chosen to remain at home. 

Top-notch security and safety

Perhaps the most paramount concern that you might have about yourself or a loved one choosing to age in place is safety. Thankfully, home automation addresses many of these concerns. Home automation allows for much more consistent communication and monitoring of a security system than previous systems do, as much of the controls can be handled remotely. The Savant system, for example, can be controlled with the touch of a button on your smartphone, allowing you or your loved one to activate alarm systems, see 24/7 security camera footage of different rooms, and monitor the surrounding neighborhood (and who's on their doorstep) whether you're near or far.  

Ease of use with entertainment

As people age, it may be harder for them to perform tasks that they have been doing their entire lives. Fidgeting with the knobs and buttons on a radio or television set may become difficult, and with home automation, these finicky things can be a way of the past. Home automation, like the Savant system, allows for voice-controlled media systems, allowing you or your loved ones to turn on the big game, increase the volume when the home team scores, and turn down the volume after the team has won all by speaking it into existence. 

More efficient energy controls

Home automation controls so much more than security and entertainment. Much of the energy that a home uses can also be controlled remotely or from within the home with the touch of a button. Lighting controlled this way can be particularly useful, for example, if someone wakes in the middle of the night and needs to use the bathroom. Controlled lighting from a nearby smartphone can allow the person to see where they are going and ensure they get there without walking into anything accidentally. Gone are the days of walking completely in the dark and feeling around for a light switch, only to run head-on into a door. 

Aging in place is important as it can be seen as a way to maintain independence and dignity as we all grow older. The safety, security, and ease of use that a home automation system can provide for you and your family are second to none. With home automation, you'll no longer have to worry about consistently checking in with someone who has chosen to age in place. They will be able to continue life as they had already been living it, with some marked improvements. 

To learn more about what a home automation system can do for either you or a loved one in the greater Houston, TX, area, give us a call. We are a family-owned and operated smart home company that has been working with the Houston community since 1999. 

How Smart Home Automation Helps with Security

From the holidays to the Super Bowl, here’s how integrated systems keep you safe

How Smart Home Automation Helps with Security

If you’re a fan of technology, you already know about the convenience smart home automation can add to your Houston, TX lifestyle. But did you know it can also help bolster your security system? Integrated technology does more than just enhance entertainment and increase comfort -- it actually helps keep you safe. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.